Tantra Sessions

Welcome to the timeless craft of Tantra!
Tantra is an eastern word for sexual energetic power. This power has been oppressed and shamed for fear of its greatness. Sexual energy is your birthright. It is the most powerful energy in existence and the same power that created you. You are sexual energy! 
Lack of sexual energy is the culprit to illness and disease both physically and mentally. Time to reclaim that power for the beautiful and sacred force that it is. I invite you to return to your roots and claim the wild and original infinite source of radiance within you. No need to just survive when you have the power to thrive!
ALL genders, shapes and ages are welcome!


"Christine is an amazing woman and seems to have found her true calling.

She is a healer in every sense of the word and is amazing at what she does.


Ladies!!! Go see this woman, you will be so glad that you did!"

- Kate

What to expect in your session

The first time we meet, we begin with your initiation, the foundation of trust and connection.  I listen carefully as you share your story. In exchange I share tantric teachings bridged with cutting edge neuroscience. We personalize your first steps on your tantric path to self-actualization and complete your initiation session with the magick of your initial Tantra Massage.
 Your follow up sessions will always begin with a warm welcome and brief check in before selecting your white and red rituals. We enter the womb room and induce a deep primal state of consciousness with pranayama breath practices to  access your original self. Your body is seduced into a state of bliss with sensory pleasures of silk and feathers, your chosen rituals are then combined with your Tantra Massage. 

Initiation Session

The foundation of our Tantric journey together. 

Tantra Massage

Introducing the most powerful massage in existence.

Tantra Session

The stepping stone to your Tantric journey.


Red and white rituals to compliment your session.