Tantra Sessions

Welcome to the timeless craft of Tantra!
Tantra is an eastern word for sexual energetic power...
the most powerful energy in existence and the same power that created you.
You are sexual energy! 
Reclaim that power for the beautiful and sacred force that it is. Activate your wild and infinite source of radiance. You have the power to thrive!
ALL genders, shapes and ages are welcome!

What to expect in your session

We begin with a warm welcome and brief check-in to initiate trust and connection. You are invited to personalize your session by selecting white and red Tantra Rituals. We enter the candle lit Womb Room where you are guided into a primal breath practice. Your body is seduced into a state of bliss with sensory pleasures of silk and feathers. Your chosen rituals are combined with the magick of your Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage

Introducing the most powerful massage in existence.

Tantra Session

The cosmic connection of sexual energy and Tantra.

Tantra  Rituals

Red and white rituals to compliment your session.

Tantra Tribe Exclusive

Join the Tantra Tribe for access to exclusive rituals!


"Midnight is an amazing woman and seems to have found her true calling.

She is a healer in every sense of the word and is amazing at what she does.


Ladies!!! Go see this woman, you will be so glad that you did!"

- Kate