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Terms & Conditions

1. I am voluntarily choosing to attend, view and/or participate in activities that I know are adult-oriented and sexually explicit. I understand and agree that any services, sessions, events, activities or experiences I participate in or witness are with my consent. 


2. I understand that this event or session and future events or sessions are private and open only to those who have agreed to the contents of this form. I agree to be bound by privacy and confidentiality laws and will not share the identity of any participant or anything witnessed or experienced without the consent of all persons in attendance

3. I understand that my participation involves risks and dangers, including but not limited to health risks, physical injury, mental and emotional impacts, and life changing results. I accept full responsibility for and agree to assume all risks, injuries, dangers, impacts and results involved.


4. I agree to abide by and follow all the verbalized or posted safety and use instructions. I am aware that the use of the premises, facilities and equipment at this event or during my session may be dangerous and hazardous and I hereby assume all risk of the use of such premises, facilities and equipment. 

5. I agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify Midnight Moon, the premises and/or company owner and their participants, employees, agents, volunteers, officers, directors, contractors, members and subsidiaries from any and all claims, including claims based upon negligence, arising out of my participation in and/or attendance of this or any future event, session or activity. I further understand that Midnight Moon, the premises or company owner, is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen personal property.

6. In the event of any litigation, dispute, or arbitration arising out of this agreement or my participation in and/or attendance at this or any event or session, I agree that I am solely responsible. Should any portion of this agreement be invalidated all remaining portions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

7. I have carefully read this document and fully understand its contents. I hereby certify that I am over 19 years of age and that the name I entered in Midnight Moon's Confidential Booking Form is my true and legal name. By my booking or participation in any services, sessions, gatherings, events or retreats directed by Midnight Moon or by checking the box that states I agree to the Term's and Conditions on Midnight Moon's Confidential Booking Form, I hereby agree to be bound by the terms and agreements of this form.


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