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"I booked a coaching session with Midnight after coming across her website. I had been exploring the holistic culture and viewpoints. Spiritually I was struggling, my health was faltering, and our family had experienced more than its fair share of tragedy this year. I had never felt so alone and helpless. I am married and love my wife with all my heart, but intimately we had drifted apart over the last few years. Everything on Midnight's website immediately resonated with me. When I arrived for my appointment I was a bit nervous but Midnight is such a beautiful truly caring soul I soon felt completely at ease. We talked for over an hour about a new approach to life, holistic philosophy and my desperate desire to reconnect with my wife.

Midnight provided me with numerous ideas and practices, fast forward a month, my wife and I have rekindled the intimacy in our marriage. The last four weeks have been some of the most beautiful and intimate weeks of our lives. She has joined me whole heartedly in this spiritual journey. I have my best friend back and will never let her go. I am in my mid 50's and I have never experienced something so deep and compassionate. I am in a state of complete peace. I would not hesitate to recommend Midnight to men, women, and especially couples, in fact I urge anyone reading this note to go to her online scheduler and book an appointment for yourself. Love and light Midnight!"

-Rick Squair

"Amazing retreat! I want to say to each of you, thank you for your presence as it has showed me how to open my heart to the love that is unconditional and all encompassing.

You are all beautiful and sacred. I treasure all of you as my friends and my tribe. I love you all!! We shall meet again!"


-Louisa Nelson

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"My life, love & sex coaching experience was incredible. My sex life has significantly improved. I feel vibrant and thanks to Midnight's therapy, I am living my best life. 


My career success has never been better. I feel confident in my abilities and know how to realize my goals. Dream's really do come true! You just have to know how to wire yourself for it.  


Midnight is very good at what she does and is a wonderful and compassionate person."


- Taylor Jackson

"To my dearest soul family... Who would have known that I would meet all you amazing people in one freakin' epic retreat!!?

All the "oh-suum" memories, life lessons, soul connections, conversations, random goofiness and laughter we have all shared,

I will forever treasure them... I just can't help but feel really blessed to have made such good life-long friends.

I hope to cross paths with you all again soon. 'Till our next adventure! Love, light + positivity~ love you guys!"


-Isabel Balagat


"The tantra rituals and practices that Midnight implemented in to my life, love and sex coaching was incredible. Chakras were balanced and I felt my entire system had a 'spring cleaning'


I understand myself in a whole new way and feel I have a map and compass to get me through anything life throws at me. Not to mention I have levelled up my intimate experiences to  profoundly powerful heights. 


Thank you Midnight for your intuitiveness, impeccable guidance and allowing my body to feel open and free!"


- Sarah Moore

"I'd describe my appointment as "AMAZING"... Midnight is one of those gifted individuals with an intuitive ability to direct healing where it most needs to go.


I recently saw Midnight for a massage, and I'm thrilled to report it was one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever been blessed with.


Before seeing Midnight, I suffered greatly following a serious neck injury, and subsequent surgery to fuse the C-1 and C-2 vertebrae. My life and mobility were drastically limited, and I was unhappy. I had trouble sleeping through the night, and the quality of my life was in a state of decline.


After seeing Midnight, the improvement in my neck and back has been remarkable. I sleep soundly through the night, and the range of motion in my neck has improved considerably. The massage, incidentally, also felt incredible.


I can't say enough about this amazing woman and her healing hands. Midnight has been a blessing in my life, and I encourage anyone and everyone to experience the deep healing this gifted young woman can provide. The service truly is amazing."


- Rob Lindsay

"I just got off the plane still buzzing from the retreat, I slept maybe two hours.

I have to tell you all what a wonderfully magical and inspirational experience it was meeting all of you.

The love I feel from all of you has changed me for the better and given me something I will carry forever.

It was such a pleasure laughing so much with everyone and just being with all of you there, I

learned so much from every individual, we are truly all each others teachers. I love you all so much and you have all inspired me to continue to better myself.

Infinite Love to all of you!



-Alex Jenson

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"My session was... A revelation of sorts. I didn't even imagine that a massage can be that good. Midnight's hands are "magical", so to speak.


I've had a few massages before with other massage therapists (twice with RMTs) but this one tops it all.


I never felt so relaxed and at peace. You can really sense and feel that Midnight cares so much for her clients.


I would be back in a flash, just have to arrange my schedule. Midnight, again, thank you for that wonderful experience. Take care always..and as you always end it....LOVE and LIGHT!"


-Carlos Del Rosario


"I had the opportunity to spend time with a great group who became dear friends. I need more of this in my life. Couldn't have asked for a better soul tribe to go on a retreat with, hope you guys are doing well!!"


-Dan Iwanicki

"I miss you guys.. And love you guys! I feel different since the retreat.. In a good way.. I feel powerful and free to be myself! :)"


- Jaclyn Mirau

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"Midnight's Life, Love & Sex coaching is life changing in the best way's. She is totally professional and thorough.


I also tried her pussy painting session. I have never had an experience like this before and I highly recommend it."


-Margaret Pearson

"Last week with all of you I met on the retreat was epic. Everyone was so different and contributed their own uniqueness, yet we are all one.

Love and miss my "soul tribe" Hope to keep the feeling of that high frequency from that week..."


- Kris Craft

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"FANTASTIC! Best experience I have ever had. Midnight is very knowledgable and genuine, and has obviously spent a lot of time working towards the accreditations she has posted on her wall. This shines through in the level of service she provides and her sincerity ties the whole experience up into a great little package!


This is a great little gem of a business to support. I highly recommend Midnight and wish her every success :)"


-Tara Godwin

"It's hard to describe all the love that my heart feels... It's almost like a very ripe fruit ready to explode all its yummy juicy goodness all over everyone;)


I miss you all so much and feel truly blessed for the time that we shared. I know I've made some life long friends and look forward to sharing more adventures with you in the future.

Much love! Xo"


- Brittany Sterling Starseed

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