Holistic Living Retreats

Goddess Retreat

The power of the goddess energy in this new feminine era is great. This retreat focuses on empowering women with their innate goddess force. This force is a fire that burns inside all of us. Men and woman alike. This retreat, however, is holding a sanctuary in a palace of peace for a chosen number of women to encompass all that is within the goddess.















Our palace sits in the hill tops of lush green tropical lanscapes looking out into the deep emotion of the pacific ocean off the coast of Sayulita Mexico.

We shall gather in sacred ceremony each day and night with spiritually awakening activities for each goddess to emerge into her true form. 

Indulge in numerous outings throughout the land and ocean, Enjoy nourishing vegan / vegetarian meals daily by the pool side as well as personal private one on one holisitc massage and oracle readings.







A special trip to the Merietta Island aboard a Catamaran ship. Enjoy the royal goddes service of a delicious meal and endless refreshing beverages by our captain and his crew. We explore the Merietta Island beach for some snorkling, SUP boarding, and cave exploring adventures and photo shoot. 

Attending a retreat can have a positive, life changing,  powerful impact on your well being and understanding of life.

Midnight Moon Holistic Living co-creates various themed retreats ll over the world to benefit you and your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.  Many of our retreats evolove from holistic professionals intergrating their various talents, healing modalities, teachings, and spiritual wisdom. Our common goal is to provide the skills, services and environment to become empowered with life and sustain the concious awarness of our connection to all as one.


The time is now to live!

Revelstoke Wilderness Retreat
August 2013

Living in the wild and raw, challenging yourself to truly become one with the great and  powerful mother, Gaia and finding your souls journey along the path is what this retreat is all about.

Soul Journey in the wild!

Watch this beautiful video capturing our journey created by Dan Iwanicki



Our home base located at the Y2K house nestled in the cozy town of Revelstoke BC, Canada. The adventures into the wild guided by the highly experienced and deeply spiritual tour guide ROB!


With many majestic mountains and pristine lakes in the surrounding areas, the opportunities to explore the barely touched forests and roaring waterfalls are endless.

Our multiple excursions into the wild range from day trips to 4 day raw living in the depths of Gaia. Hikes in various forests and mountains across a variety of terrain with stunning mountain top views.


An evening hike in the dark to a natural hot springs to lounge and admire the vast celestial sky of stars just on time for a meteor shower.


Plenty of opportunity for meditation in groups or in solitude to guide your souls journey. Tibeten singing bowls and native flutes to be heard vibrating through your entire being.


Group activities, spiritual teachings, workshops, and creation around the sacred fire each night.

Delicious vegan /vegetarian meals provided each day.


An adventure to remember for a life time and a journey of the soul.

So much gratitude goes to Leija Turunen, Photographer, Intuitive Life Coach, Nutritionist and Food Artist for all the creative enrgy and organization for this retreat. She truly is a divine being of light ever shining upon the hearts and minds of humanity. Leijas passion in vegan/vegatarian food art is a celebration for the senses. The colourful, delicious dishes she prepares is a creation of love and she is proud to present her new upcomming recipe book that we cant wait to enjoy. 


To be in the presence of Jordan Lavign and his many shamanic teachings is a true blessings. some of the life altering topics include but are not limited to, Grounding, centering and balancing -The centers of thought, feeling and action -Body scanning, deep feeling and whole body relaxation -Energy dynamics -Internal movement -The organs and the emotions -Gravity and levity, animating the body -Building/cultivating and clearing energy -Posture and alignment -Bridging gaps in the mind/body field.


Shamanu Primordial movement class available along with intuitive reading sessions provided by myself Christine Plant. My knowledge and spiritual evolvment with holistic living and concious awareness provides me with the ability to guide and bring to the surface the souls yearnings and life changes. I am available throughout the retreat and welcome your company to share and explore together your souls true journey.


A journey to the soul through the wild path of Gaia. challenge yourself and open your heart mind and life being to the experience of a life time.


Love & Light

Silver Star Retreat
August 2012

Located in the tippy tops of the Silver Star mountain in British Columbia, Canada where you immediately recognize the powerful vortex of pure Gaia energy. The focus of this retreat,

 Soul Tribe and Spirits of  Earth

Each day filled with powerful workshops and beautiful outings in our divine province of BC. Explore paths through the enchanted forest right on the property of our cozy cabin retreat house. Take in breath taking mountain views and refreshing dips in pristine lakes. Learn valuable techniques to enhance your over all well being and sharpness of mind as well as one on one holistic massages, intuitive readings, and biofeedback sessions.

All guests enjoy delicious daily vegan/vegetarian recipes prepared by the multi-talented Leija Turunen, Photographer, Intuitive Life Coach, Nutritionist and Food Artist. Our beautiful Leija is the main co-ordinator and puts all her creative energy and love into the preparations and details of each retreat. It is a magical experience and honour for me to be working along side such a high vibrational being of light :).


Jenni McKinnon, Intuitive, Innovator, Life Coach, Teacher, Omneologist and author of  "Befriending Faeries." Provides individual sessions and teaches us how to be aware and interact with the spirit beings that care for and bring the forest to life. Her expertise and connection with Faeries is a true blessing to experience.


Healing and relaxation provided by holistic shamanic massage and healing in the sacred tipi with myself, Christine Plant and Brittany Sterling Startseed.


Rejuvenate and enlighten the body, mind and soul by tremendous, impactfull depths with the use of aromatherapy, crystals and sound therapy combined with skillfully trained intuitively guided hands and heart.


A moment of true transformation. Expressions of movement with Yoga and Shamanu Classes provided by myself and the lovely Sarah D'aigle-Stevens.

Shift with Suki Fox in her group Resonance Repatterning Sessions. Shift your energy or resonance with your patterns causing you emotional reactions, negative mental states or a lack of physical well-being. This simple quantum based system uses muscle checking and multiple healing modalities to shift limiting patterns and beliefs. Transform your mental-emotional blueprint, and extraordinary outcomes in any area of you life can be experienced.

The retreat experience is that which will never be forgotten and just might be the answer you have been searching for to connect with your self and the world around you on a much deeper and spiritual level.


Love & Light