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Ready to Thrive?

You are on your way to living your best life!


Choose one of 9 masterfully designed coaching plans.

Sunset Love

Life, Love & Sex

Get back on track with the Five Keys to Success!

Feeling off your game?  When life throws a curve ball into your relationship, sex life, family or career and you need that extra boost of empowerment to knock it out of the park, this is the plan for you.

3 Life, Love & Sex Coaching Sessions (90mins each)

Learn The 5 Keys to Success in every aspect of your life!

Integrative Tantra Practices to process emotional impacts.

Empowerment focused to rise above obstacles and overcome set backs!
Life, Love & Sex Plan

Winds of Change

How to embrace the shifting sands and seasons of your life!

Changes are disorienting and even grievous at times. Transitions in age or personal identity alters your inner sense of self while external shifts can reshape your world. This plan supports your ability to land confidently.

4 Life, Love & Sex Coaching Sessions (90mins each)

Learn 4 integrative skills for smooth landings into your new life climate

Self inquiry practices to reveal the best archetype for your present existence!

Sail smoothly through the shifting seasons of your life!
maple leaf illustration_edited.jpg
Winds of Change Plan
Woman with Red Lipstick

Fierce Five Sexual Power

Feel Fierce with Thriving Sexual Power!

When you feel unworthy or tend to self sabotage, this plan will help you rewrite old patterns and invite the fierce side of you to shine. Rise up as the confident, sexy and deserving you that gets what you want.

5 Life, Love & Sex Coaching Sessions (90mins each)

Learn 5 new action tools to fuel your fire and incinerate self doubt.

3 Powerful Tantra Rituals to boost your confidence.

Harness Sexual Power and fiercely thrive in the life you desire!
Fierce Five Sexual Power Plan

Sensual Six Sex Magick

Turn Desires into Reality with the Pleasure of Sex Magick

If you are feeling lost in the bedroom, disconnected from your sexuality, or directionless in life, conjure up some sex magick and invoke the power of pleasure, the map and compass to your sexual desires and life goals.

6 Life, Love & Sex Coaching Sessions (90mins each)

Learn 3 Self-Pleasuring Sex Magick Rituals to create your every desire

 Tantra breathwork to enhance sensual pleasure and bedroom skills

Sex Magick. Revolutionize intimacy and achieve life goals!
Underwear on Bed
Sensual Six Sex Magick Plan
Angelic Sacred Healing Chakras - Golden shimmering Angel wings with bright white orb above

Seven Chakra Self Mastery

Master the craft of Tantra and Transcend your Life!

Illuminate the energy source of existence by learning how each chakra rules your life. Transcend from the veil of confusion and chaos to complete clarity and wisdom. Know thyself and master self-actualization.

7 Life, Love & Sex Coaching Sessions (90mins each)
Each Session teaches you how to master the laws of the 7 Chakras:
  1.  Survival & Foundation
  2. Sexuality & Relationships
  3. Power & Confidence
  4. Love, Fear & Emotion
  5. Authentic Expression & Truth
  6. Intuition & Psychic Wisdom
  7. Self-Mastery & Transcendence
Seven Chakra Tantra Mastery Plan

Grief, Loss & Death

Holding you through the most impactful and emotional storms!

Nothing compares to the trenches of grief, loss and death. It is inevitable and so overwhelming.  I've created this plan to hold you through it and offer tools to help you weather the storm. 

8  Coaching Sessions (90mins each)

Learn how to recognize your needs and create boundaries to support you!
Soothing somatic practices to provide self care and body conscious awareness.

Equip yourself with supportive tools to guide you through the storm!
Storm in the Sea
Grief, Loss & Death Plan

Cosmic Nine Ecstasy

The Cosmic, Orgasmic Ecstasy you've been yearning for!

Designed for Singles or Couples+ to reach the cosmos. When life blocks the flow of pleasure and you feel something's missing, enrich your intimacy with cosmic  connection and orgasmic ecstasy.

9 Life, Love & Sex Coaching Sessions (90mins each)

Learn the Lingam & Yoni massage, how to have full body orgasms and conscious pleasure rituals!
Tantra Sex Practices to take intimacy to the next level and beyond.

Co-create the greatest connection imaginable with life changing cosmic ecstasy.
Cosmic Nine Ecstasy Plan

 Relationship Mastery

10 Session Master Series in Tantra Relationships!

Love your relationship and shine your radiance as you master the craft of Tantra relationships. Face fears and overcome challenges with extraordinary life skills in this Master Series.

10 Life, Love & Sex Coaching Sessions (90mins each)

Learn love languages, support tools, the love bubble, and attachment styles!

 Tantra rituals that encourage integration, connection and relationship bliss.

Have the Tantra relationship that creates safety, trust, connection and unconditional love that lasts. 
Gay Couple Eating Popsicles
Relationship Mastery Plan

Personalized Plan

Curated to suit your specific needs and desired outcome.

Can't decide which plan is right for you? No problem. After your initiation session we will customize a plan that aligns best with your needs. 

Ready to start your personalized plan? Great!

Go ahead and select either the 3 0r 6 session plan to start. 
Personalized Plan
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