Moon Goddess 

  My sole purpose in life is to love, play, connect with our mother (Earth!), and awaken all to the vital force of life consciousness. Freeing our minds from the captivity of this unnatural system of programming and emerging into the truly powerful beings we are meant to be.


After graduating from the Canadian Insitute of Natural Health I continued to explore the many realms of holistic living. Expanding on my studies at The Living Centre, I completed the Seven Fold Path to Peace diploma program. With an incessant quest for knowledge, I consistently added to my education with courses such as Touch for Health Kinesiology, Life Coaching, Tantra, and many more through the years. 


Although I have lived in the Okanagan for near my whole life, I love to travel and explore many diverse cultures and their divine medicine. I have met and had the privilege of being taught by many of the great holistic leaders and Shamans of the world such as Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz and family, Steven Farmer, Heather Ash Amara, Sheri Rosenthal, Megan Gilroy and plenty more. Once I discovered the power of Tantra, I endeavored to attain multiple levels of training in the art. My most recent teachings by Master Guru Ketut Arsana in Bali Indonesia. Currently, I am a student at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.


With continued growth and passion, I have become a divine conscious and connected being. I implore us all to explore the freedom of expression, the power to heal and live in wholeness, our right to love and be loved regardless of gender or lifestyle, the freedom to explore our sexuality without shame or judgment and to discover who we really are and what we are truly capable of. 

I warmly invite you to Midnight Moon Holistic Living for an experience designed to guide you to a healthy, balanced, and joyous life.


Love & Light



Natural Health Practitioner 

TFH Kinesiologist






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Shamanu Primordial Movement

Seven Fold Path to Peace

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