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The Pussy Project is a creative force of pussy painted photography to celebrate pussy's glory and liberation. Pussy owners share their story of how they have triumphed over adversity and sexual oppression to find empowerment.

Celebrate your journey and relationship with Pussy!

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Mandi is celebrating her 40th birthday!

After overcoming several health challenges while raising her teens, she is proudly celebrating the power of  er pussy, the strength of her femininity and all she has accomplishment. 

Pussy owners have faced tremendous patriarchal oppression. The impacts this has on life can be extremely disempowering, leading to a sense of shame or unworthiness.

Pussy painting is a way to take your power back and reinforce a positive and healthy relationship with your self.


Celebrating a special occasion?

Pussy Painting is a great way to own your power!


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Here's an opportunity to  use your voice and empower pussy owner's everywhere by sharing your story of liberation!

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