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Personalize your Tantra experience with your choice of White, Red, or Exclusive Rituals included in your Tantra Session

White Rituals

Red Rituals

White Rituals
Red Rituals


This ancient indigenous practice cleanses your mind and spirit from negative energy, stress and heavy emotion. The smoke from burning white sage is feathered through your auric field renewing your soul.


Warm Embrace

Feel the nurturing embrace of your Sex Witch! A beautiful way to let go of the outside world as we breath deeply together and slip into a peaceful state of bliss before your Tantra Massage.


Aromatic Journey

Breath in the pleasures of aromatherapy, relaxing your mind and enhancing your innate healing power. Your aromatic blend is applied to key acu-points throughout your Tantra Massage.


Chakra Blessing

Hand engraved chakra stones are placed upon each chakra centre harmonizing you into energetic balance. Cosmic sound waves enhance the power of the stones as I play the Tibetan singing bowl.


Foot Reflexology

Enjoy a relaxing foot massage with soothing peppermint essential oils. This ancient healing science applies pressure to precise reflex points activating the body's inherent healing power.


After Glow

The perfect moment to integrate your experience as we intertwine our bodies in a nurturing embrace. Immerse in the warm afterglow as we share gratitude and bring our Tantra Session to it's close.


Somatic Therapy

Access your bio-intelligence through somatic practices of breath, sound, pleasure, and hypnosis. Rewrite the neuronal imprints no longer serving you and restore the pure bliss and radiance of your original essence.


Shiva Shakti Meditation

We begin nude, seated face to face, eye gazing in the flicker of of candlelight. I guide us through the sacred Shiva Shakti meditation, invoking our divinity and magnifying our connection


Full Body Oil Painting

Drift into a state of zen as your skin becomes a living canvas. Various brushes are dipped in warm coconut oil and sensually stroked all over your skin while you relax in pure sensory bliss.


Goddess Worship

Invite your Moon Goddess on to the table where you may have the  honour of worshipping her sacred temple with reverence. Master the art of touch and receive the blessings of greater wisdom and love.



Bondage creates an intimate sense of freedom while you surrender your body to pleasure. Great for those in constant leadership or burdened with responsibility.  Let it all go and simply breath!


Yoni/Lingam Massage

Enjoy the delicacies of gentle stimulation to the life creating areas of your temple. This arousing attention invites you to slow down and absorb the depths of pleasure free from the expectation of orgasm.

Tantra Tribe Exclusive Rituals

Exclusive Rituals
Tantra Tribe Exclusive

Hot Stones

Indulge in the heat and healing power of hot stones as they are sensually massaged all over your body. Ultimate relaxation and self-care

Tantra Tribe Exclusive
Dripping-candle (1).jpg

Wax Play

Melt into deep seduction while body wax is seductively dripped onto your body. Each drop invites you to your edge while the heat of pleasure draws you in for more!

Tantra Tribe Exclusive

Sex Magick

Manifest your deepest desires into reality with Sex Magick! The ultimate cosmic connection without penetration. Your body and soul is completely saturated with universal ecstasy.

Tantra Tribe Exclusive

Violet Wand

Sink into an erotic trance with the slow caress of the violet wand. Your skin will rise to the occasion as the gentle galvanic sensations accelerates cellular repair.

Tantra Tribe Exclusive

Fire Cupping

Turn up the heat and invoke the element of fire!  This classic style of Chinese Medicine offers deep healing benefits and restores your chi. 

Tantra Tribe Exclusive

Taste of Kink

Provoke your senses as I pull my soft leather flogger across your skin in anticipation for impact. Pairs well with the bondassage ritual. 

Tantra Tribe Exclusive

Anal Massage

Dive right in to the pleasures of anal stimulation. Male bodies enjoy the benefits of prostate massage while female bodies experience the release of tight pelvic floor muscles.  

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