Personalize your tantric experience with your choice of white and red rituals included in your Tantra Session

White Rituals


This ancient indigenous practice is used to cleanse your mind and spirit of any negativity. White sage is burned creating smoke which is feathered through your auric field and chakras releasing any emotional and etheric darkness. A great choice if you are experiencing trauma, stress, fear, anger or been exposed to those who are.  

Warm Embrace
Feel the nurturing embrace of your Sex Witch!
This is a beautiful way to release heavy emotions, stress, chaos, and burdens. We breathe deeply together and activate deeper levels of conscious   connection, calming you to a peaceful state of bliss before your massage. 
Aromatic Journey

Bring your pranayama (breath) meditation to life with an added essential oil aromatherapy blend.  Take in the aromatic pleasures that relax your mind and enhance your innate healing power. This blend will also be used on key points of your body throughout your Tantric Massage. 

Chakra Blessing

Your chakras are revived and balanced with hand engraved chakra stones placed upon each chakra energy centre. Cosmic sound vibration is created by a Tibetan singing bowl toned to the frequency of your heart centre. Feel the waves of love and blessings orbit  your body and awaken your Atman (true self).

Peppermint Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient healing science. 

Specific pressure is applied to precise reflex points, activating the body's inherent healing power while you enjoy a full relaxing foot massage with soothing peppermint essential oils.

After Glow

Immerse yourself in a moment of nurturing embrace as you calm your inner fire to a warm glow. Intertwining our naked bodies in pure bliss as your session comes to a close. The perfect moment to integrate your experience and share gratitude for the awakening of Tantra. 

Red Rituals

Somatic Therapy

Access your body's  bio-intelligence  through somatic practices of breath, sound, pleasure and hypnosis. As we distinguish the  neuronal patterns imprinted with trauma or barriers, we create new patterns to restore your original essence to pure bliss and radiance.

Shiva Shakti Meditation
We begin in candlelight, seated nude, face to face in lotus asana. Gazing into each other's eyes, we meditate on our heart and sacral chakra centers. I guide us to invoke the power of Shiva and Shakti within each other. Inviting the divine to empower our bodies and significantly magnifies our connection throughout the remainder of our session. 
Full Body Oil Painting

Drift into a state of zen as your skin becomes a living canvass. Several styles of brushes are dipped into pure coconut oil and sensually stroked all over your skin. Enjoy the sensation of various brushing techniques exploring your body while you relax or meditate in sensory bliss. Aromatic enhancement with essential oils available upon request. 

Goddess Worship

Invite your Moon Goddess on to the table where you may have the honour of worshiping her sacred temple with the utmost respect and reverence. Appreciate the power, beauty and long-suffering  within  her life-giving purpose.  In return, you are blessed with greater wisdom and love.


Bondage in an intimate setting can invoke a sense of freedom. Your body is bound, completely releasing control. This surrender to pure pleasure and sensual touch relieves  stress  for those who are in constant leadership or burdened with great responsibility. Let it all go and simply breath!

Yoni/Lingam Massage

Enjoy the delicacies of sensual touch to gently stimulate energy in the life-creating areas of your temple. This relaxing and respectful attention to your yoni/lingam creates arousing sensations, in a delightful way, without the intention, pressure or expectation of erection or orgasm.