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Image by Alexander Krivitskiy
Tantra Massage

Allow me to introduce the most powerful massage in existence!

Some might say its too risqué but this pure intimate experience is above any other when it comes to intense results. Provoking the primal sexual energy within your body transforms you into a temple of sensory bliss.


Every detail of your body is explored with careful intuitive attention. Aches, pains, and any discomfort are thoroughly relieved.

A combination of light sensual touch and deep muscle release is performed with specialized techniques like an exotic dance upon your body. We are both nude allowing an equal sense of vulnerability, trust, and connectivity.


Tantric energy is incredibly powerful and creates the ability to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Once awakened it allows trapped physical and mental pain like fear, grief, and guilt to escape.

Issues such as depression, stress, bi-polar, loneliness, mental fatigue, low self-esteem, etc... are diminished and replaced with a fulfilled and personally empowered sense of self.


Kundalini flows like a river, clearing the debris throughout your energy body, awakening your root Chakra (the energy centre at the base of your spine). Stimulating this energy raises your kundalini through all seven chakras like a strong fountain of water moving up your spine. All seven chakras are activated, creating a thriving power throughout your soul

Who Gets a Tantra Massage?

Everyone! Your neighbour, friends, family members, the people that serve you coffee, fix your car and do your taxes. People of all ages and walks of life. You would be surprised how common it has really become. Recommended by  relationship therapists and many health care professionals.


LADIES!!!...  I specialize in the sacred art of the divine feminine. Feel safe and free of judgment as we invite tantric medicine to illuminate your magnificence. May you be empowered as the rightful, delightful goddess you are.


Awaken Your Sleeping Dragon

Your Tantra Massage is included in your Tantra Session. See Tantra Sessions to create the perfect Tantra experience for you. 

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