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"Christine is an amazing woman and seems to have found her true calling.

She is a healer in every sense of the word and is amazing at what she does.


Ladies!!! Go see this woman, you will be so glad that you did!"

- Kate

Together We Gather

Cauldron of Womben

Join our sisterhood of the divine feminine! Learn ancient sex practices, sacred ceremony, and rights of passage. We laugh, we cry, we eat yummy treats and dance to the moon. A safe space to purge our deepest sufferings and celebrate our greatest victories.

Primal Flow

Unleash your primal nature! Explore your sexual energy through wave motion, micro-movements, sounds, and breath. Awaken bio-intelligence with your fluid primal dance and reclaim your essential unity with the living forces of creation.


Tap into the infinite realm of Sex Magic or learn the Art of Pleasure. Join our Kinky Play Parties. Reclaim the Power of your Pussycat. Uncover the Secrets of Kama Sutra.  Discover Ancient Techniques for a Thriving Relationship.

Sacred Sexuality Retreats

Master the craft of Sacred Sexuality with our high end, destination Retreats in the most romantic and enchanting lands of the world. Breathtaking moments of pure ecstasy and secret sexual practices that will change your life!

Meet Your Sex Witch

My sole purpose in life is to love, play, connect and awaken all to the vital force of sexual energy. I am here to claim our divine right to sacred sexuality. To be sexy and bold without apology. To destroy the shame and fear of the ancient path of witchery and restore it's sanctity and feminine power.


After Studying Psychology and Sociology at UBC I went on to graduate from the Canadian Institute of Natural Health. I consistently added to my education with courses such as Touch for Health Kinesiology, Life Coaching, and Tantra.

Once I discovered the power of Tantra, I endeavoured to master the art. My most recent teachings by Master Guru Ketut Arsana in Bali Indonesia. Currently, I am a student at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

The passion I have for Kink Culture is a lifestyle I divulge and have extensive experience with....