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Welcome To The Tribe!

Join thousands of successful tribe members who have thriving relationships, sexual mastery, primal ecstasy, self-actualization, and the freedom to live the best life!

Feel confident with experienced, educated and certified

Life, Love & Sex Coaching, Tantra Mastery and the Art of Kink.

Currently not available

Tantra Sessions


Pussy Paint

Celebrate your sexual liberation!


"Midnight is an amazing woman and seems to have found her true calling.

She is a healer in every sense of the word and is amazing at what she does.


Ladies!!! Go see this woman, you will be so glad that you did!"

- Kate

Meet Your Sex Witch

I am here to claim our divine right to sacred sexuality and to be sexy and bold without apology.

We are magnificent, wild creatures who yearn to embrace our sexual nature, our primal fire, our dance and our desire! 

Ready to Sexually Thrive?

Get started on your path to Sexual Liberation and Empowerment!


#204 3699 Hwy 97 N
Kelowna BC

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