Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Is mutual touch allowed?
A) A respectable level of reciprocated touch is natural and welcomed. If I feel uncomfortable at any time, I will communicate my discomfort to you. If I feel disrespected after I have communicated, I will end the session. 
Q) What if I experience an erection or do not experience an erection?
A) The focus and intention of our session is on our connection and ability to open our awareness beyond the physical. Experiencing an erection is natural. Not experiencing an erection is also natural. Your physical response is part of your human nature. There is no pressure or judgement either way. 
Q) Is there any risk of STD's?
A) STD's are transferred through direct contact of genitals and genital secretions. We do not allow our genitals to have contact nor genital secretions. I am not a carrier of any STD's. If you have or think you may have had contact with an STD, this should be communicated in your consultation so protective measures can be taken.
Q) What if I am married or in a relationship? 
A) Many clients are involved in committed relationships. Your moral compass and relationship boundaries need to be clearly communicated and will always be respected. This experience is a therapy that teaches the art of how to connect more meaningfully with your partner as well as yourself. This has proven to enhance the quality and joy of your relationships as well as reignite the fire with your partner. 
Q) Do you serve LGBTQ... clients in your practice?
A) Of course! All people are welcome regardless of their sexual orientation or lifestyle 
Q) Is there an age limit to your Tantra services?
A) Yes, clients must be a legal adult in the province of BC to receive a Tantra Session. Any age is welcome so long as you are 19 years or older.
Q) Will I have an orgasm?
A) The focus of your session is on your ability to awaken all levels of your being, not just the physical. Although a physical orgasm may occur naturally, this is not the goal or intention. You may experience powerful shifts of pleasure or bliss in your mental, emotional and spiritual body as well as the physical.  Containing this level of tantric energy allows you to draw upon it as a reservoir of life. Releasing this energy physically will disperse it, causing you to feel depleted. You are encouraged to allow the power of tantric energy to remain within you.
Q) Do you do prostate gland massages?
A) No, although prostate gland massage is a healthy and beneficial practice, I do not perform this service.  
Q) Are we both completely naked?
A) Yes, we are both completely nude to allow a mutual sense of trust and vulnerability. The massage begins and ends with you covered.
Q) What if I have experienced sexual abuse or trauma in my life?
A) Tantra is a medicine that can assist in healing trauma and abuse. Your boundaries are always respected once communicated clearly. If at any time you experience discomfort, please communicate so immediately. Providing a safe and comfortable space is my top priority where I respect and honor your process of healing. 
Q) Is this a religious practice and will it interfere with my personal beliefs?
A)  Your personal belief system is always respected without judgment. The practice of Tantra is derived from an ancient spiritual belief system that focuses on the divinity of Shiva and Shakti. Although the roots of Tantra are quite spiritual, the practice itself is a holistic, medicinal science that does not belong to any one religion or belief.  It is your choice to include any rituals that reflect the divine spiritual practices or holistic medicinal practices.. Your session is unique to your personal needs and intentions. 
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