Touch is the most fundamental root of our existence. From the moment we are born, touch created a sense of comfort, security, love, and peace. From your first breath, the gentle touch of love boosted your immune system and vitality increasing your circulation and lymphatic flow. Therapeutic touch, such as Holistic Massage, expands beyond the physical body opening emotional, mental and spiritual realms of healing. Subtle energy systems such as your chakras and meridian paths are aligned, emotions move, stress relieved, energy restored, creating a state of  balance and bliss. 

See the Tantra section for all Tantra services.

Holistic  Massage


Hot Stone Massage

Melt away stress and tension as soothing hot basalt stones are used to massage your entire body and placed on key areas to promote deep healing and relaxation. Color specific chakra healing stones are used to align the vibratory energy pattern of each of your chakras bringing your life force energy to a natural harmonic balance. Enjoy the benefits of reflexology techniques in your foot massage activating the healing qualities in all your internal organs. This massage is designed to bring healing and relaxation to your entire body, mind, and soul!


Aromatherapy Massage

Indulge in the personalized healing benefits of a full body massage using high-quality essential oils. Choose a combination of oils to create a powerful blend specific to your needs with the guidance of a certified aromatherapist. Your personalized aromatherapy blend will be used throughout your massage to infuse you with healing power and a beautiful aromatic journey!


Holistic Massage

Experience deep relaxation with a full body massage including specific TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) techniques designed to balance each energy path (meridian) with strong flowing Chi (Life Force). Specific Acupressure points are activated along your meridians restoring elemental harmony in the body.  Prevent illness, promote healing and empowers vitality!