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Medical Play Party & Sampler

Explore the fetish of medical play while we turn the Moon Room into a clinic of needles, knives, sounds and more.

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Medical Play Party & Sampler
Medical Play Party & Sampler

Time & Location

Jan 27, 2024, 3:00 p.m. – 11:59 p.m.

Kelowna, 3699 BC-97 #204, Kelowna, BC V1X 5C3, Canada


It is my pleasure to invite you to the Moon Room for a Medical Play Party & Sampler.

Come explore a taste of medical play at our Fetish Medical Sampler in the afternoon followed by a Medical themed Play Party in the evening! Tickets are available separately or join us for both with a combo ticket. See event details below. 

Medical Sampler 

3pm - 6pm

Dress code: Medical theme or white/teal coloured clothing

Our Medical Sampler is where you can explore various mini scenes (15-20 mins) with experienced medi fetish Kinksters. This is a great opportunity to sample needles, kniife play, cutting, sounds and other various medi kinks and fetishes that may be new or unavailable to you. If the scent of sanitizer and the feel of latex gloves turns you on than this is the place for you. 

Multiple stations are open for you to enjoy the fun of medical play. Each station has a designated seasoned Kinkster ready to provide you with a safe, consensual and educated medi scene. All medi sampler leaders have been vetted and approved for their stellar expertise. You can look forward to our medical teams services such as sounds, needle play patterns, knife play and cutting, hooks and even a little electric shock therapy. ;)

Fetish Medical Team!

We have a sexy and sadistic medical team ready to offer their skills. 


* Our very own international kink educator wyld aka Ainsley (She/Her, They/Them) will be offering their sadistic sounds skills. They have taught sounds at The Moon Room in the past and thats where I fell in love with sounds. There is nothing like sinking a cold steel rod into someones urethra.  Wyld has built up quite the reputation with their well respected Kink education workshops at some of the most popular and world renowned Kink events and conventions. We are lucky to have her available locally. To learn more about wyld you can find her on fetlife here.

Needles, Knives and sharp pokey things

* I am pleased to announce that Eclipsingluna (She/Her) is joining us at the sampler to offer her exquisite hook,  needle and cutting designs. Her skills  are met with her profound presence to create an immediate sense of warmth and safety. Watch her beautiful smile light up as she indulges her fetish for sharp and pokey things. Eclipsingluna has a magnificent portfolio of her work on Fetlife. You simply must check her out here

* Miss_Bellatrix (She/Her) will be with us to offer her delightful needle parterns and somatic connection. Miss_Bellatrix is profoundly intuitive and has a knack for seeing you beneath your skin. Her beautiful needle designs are partnered with her ability to guide you through the emotional process often coupled with needle play. This is emnanent when you read her writings along side her magnificent portfolio which you can find here

* MsMistyV (She/Her) our high protocol Goddess and community educator is someone you simply must know. She is bound to make you laugh and enjoy some naughty fun or have you shivering in goosebumps at her ferice and powerful presence. MsMistyV will be offering her needling and staple skills. She may pretty you up with a fancy corsette or staple your mouth shut for speaking out of turn lol. Check her out here

Electro shock 

* Have you ever felt the violet wand? Do I need to strap you down and gag you so you don't squirm and scream? Your host, Midnight (She/Her), is offering some kinky electro shock play amongst other things. I do like a good squealer in the midst. I will also be acting as back up in offering sounds and needles if required. 

Medical Play Party

8pm - 1am

Dress code: Medical attire only, street wear will be turned away.

Dim the lights and turn up the music! The Moon Room is ready for our Medical Play Party!  Wear your favourite medical attire, lab coats, medical masks, hospital gown, latex nurse or doc outfits etc. You get the picture.  Bring all your fav toys. Masks, headgear, stethascope, speculums, straight jacket, sharp pokey things, catheter or anything else that gets your medical fetish juices flowing. Have some fun with medical role play. You dont have to have any experience to play naughty nurse or dildo doctor. As always, The Moon Room is a sex positive space. 

Be sure to check out the dance card thread to introduce yourself and plan out your kink scenes. Remember to vet your play partners and be prepared to negotiate R.A.C.K (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). An assortment of snacks will be available and a dedicated aftercare space for post scene relief. For your safety, doors will be locked by 9pm so be sure to arrive before then.  The Moon Room is a sex positive space with its own set of limits and boundaries. Check out the party rules below and thoroughly read through them so that we can all enjoy an awesome and safe Kinky Play Party. 

Welcome to the party! 

I am passionate about normalizing and empowering erotically marginalized, queer, kinky, non traditional cultures and their beautifully bold expression in a safe and positive space.

Midnight Moon would like to welcome all to the Moon Room regardless of life circumstance. You will notice the option to donate to the the Kink Assist fund when purchasing your tickets. Kink Assist donations  help those who need some assistance with their tickets so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Kink education and community.  Thank you in advance for your kindness. Volunteers gain free entrance to our event.

If you are interested in volunteering please reach out. Your time and energy is appreciated. 

Moon Room Party Rules

  1. R.A.C.K is law. Risk Aware Consensual Kink is mandatory. Pre negotiate and get clear on how to safely play with your partners. Vet your partners and be confident in your safety protocols.
  2. No alcohol or drugs. marijuana is ok in moderation. 
  3. No pictures unless consensual. Be mindful of mirrors and backgrounds. Unauthorized photos will be checked and deleted. If you suspect someone has taken pictures that compromises the privacy of others, report it immediately. 
  4. No solo self pleasure or solo masterbation. 
  5. If you plan to partake in sexual activity, use protection and be transparent and forthcoming with STI's and any relevant sexual concerns. Yes this means, oral, anal, and genital sex or sexual contact is permitted. Bring your dongs, strap-ons and vibrators but don't forget your condoms. 
  6. All play, sexual, kinky or otherwise must always be consented with an enthusiastic YES and be pre negotiated pre scene and never during a scene. 
  7. Fire play, Medical play, Needles, Blood play and Knife play are all allowed only if approved by your host. You must be fully prepared, experienced and have all safety and sanitary measures in place. Contact Midnight for approval before you play. There is a designated play station for these types of play. 
  8. Everyone must complete their registration forms which will be prompted upon ticket purchase. Liability, Privacy & Confidentiality and Terms & Conditions policies and Moon Room Kink Party rules are included in this form. Be sure to read them thoroughly to provide a safe space for everyone to express themselves without concern for their private lives or careers being negatively impacted. What happens in the Moon Room, stays in the Moon Room. 
  9. The buddy system for entrance and departure. The Moon Room is a business location. To avoid random curious strangers from entering our private party, the upstairs doors will be locked. If you need to leave or return, be sure to ask someone to lock the door behind you or let you back in. 
  10. You must be vetted before purchasing your ticket. If you are unknown to Midnight or have never been to the Moon Room, contact Midnight to begin the vetting process. Unvetted ticket holders will be turned away without a refund.
  11. If you feel uncomfortable or suspect someone is breaking the rules, report it immediately. Midnight prioritizes safety at her establishment. Those who compromise the rules will face consequences and will likely be banished depending on severity. 

Midnight Moon and Moon Room events recognizes the privilege to live and conduct business on the stolen lands of the SYILX nation. We acknowledge that we are uninvited guests and occupy this land with much gratitude and respect to the indigenous peoples and their ancestors who were here before us. 

Kinky Regards,

~ Midnight


  • Medical Sampler

    This ticket is for the Medical Sampler in the afternoon from 3pm - 6pm only.

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  • Medical Play Party

    This ticket is for the Medical Play Party from 8pm - 1am only

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  • Medical Sampler & Play Party

    This ticket is for both the Medical Sampler & Play Party combo deal.

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  • Kink Assist Donation

    This is a donation to financially assist fellow Kinksters with tickets. Thank you for your support in making events available to all.

    Pay what you want
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