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Image by K. Mitch Hodge

Trauma Wounds

When we heal our personal wounds,
we heal as a collective family! 

Do you find you are extra sensitive to stimulation such as large crowds, bright light's or loud music? Have you noticed you are hyper aware of people's mood or emotion? These empathic qualities are common in those who have experienced trauma.

Trauma survivors often need to retreat from the world, I call it "trauma hibernation," to feel safe and recover from over stimulation or stress. This is often misinterpreted as depression when it's actually your nervous system reseting and updating itself to better cope in the future. 

In fact, your bio-intelligence is an excellent resource to process and integrate trauma wounds. Consciously tapping into this incredible wisdom gives you the map and compass for a resilient recovery!

Feeling overwhelmed or heavily burdened with stress?


Have you shut down or feel numb?


Need safety and reassurance?

Upload your revival blueprint!


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