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Grief, Loss & Death

Recover from the storm on your terms.

Like weather, your emotions move through you like beautiful sunny days or destructive storms. It takes time to recover from a terrible storm and rebuild the very foundation of your existence.

Well-intended friends and family often cause overwhelm or harm. It disrupts your natural recovery process when they impose ways to "cheer you up" or share relatable experiences that you can't begin to respond to because you can barley wrap your mind around your own. 


When you experience grief, loss or death, your nervous system is enduring the destruction of familiar pathways that once offered security and contentment. This is why you feel devastated, unable to find your footing and disorientated in life.

Space to restore your nervous system is required

Has your life radically changed due to a loss or death?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to identify your needs?


Would you like a supportive space to help you recover?

Your recovery space is here!

Recommended Plans:

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How to embrace the shifting sands and seasons of your life!

Storm in the Sea

Grief, Loss & Death

Holding you through the most impactful and emotional storms!


Personalized Plan

Curated to suit your specific needs and desired outcome!

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