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Love beyond the confines of systemic conditioning.

The world is still catching up to the acceptance of non-monogamy. The government, health system and basic social constructs fail to allow for such relations at all. Entertainment media, relationship therapy and even romantic get aways just don't seem to accommodate the non-monogamous.


So how do you overcome the challenges of non-monogamy? Who can you talk to when your partners are not getting along, intimacy conflicts show up or emotions rise from the discomforts of exploring multiple relationships? It's often difficult to turn to family or friends for guidance. There are few to no healthy throuple or poly models to follow. 

I've made it my mission to hold space for these multi partner dynamics and offer guidance from my studies as well as my own experience. There is an ethical and healthy way to navigate the non-monogamous lifestyle and I am here to offer powerful tools to create safety and acceptance for all of you. 

Are you noticing emotional or sexual conflicts between partners?

Find it challenging to feel accepted or belong in the world?


Looking for guidance in having healthy non-monogamous relationships?

You found it!

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