Together We Gather

Gathering together is essential to our greatest growth and the root of our very existence. Sacred ceremonies, tribal dance, and cultural celebrations awaken our primal ability to reclaim our power....  our Magick!

Womben's Cauldron

Join our sisterhood of the divine feminine! Learn ancient sex practices, sacred ceremony, and rights of passage. We laugh, we cry, we eat yummy treats and dance to the moon. A safe space to purge our deepest sufferings and celebrate our greatest victories.

Gather with us and reclaim your sexual power with timeless spiritual practices bridged with cutting edge neuroscience. All body's, ages, and walks of life who desire a deeper connection to their innate divine feminine are warmly welcome to our circle.

Primal Flow

Unleash your primal nature! Explore your sexual energy through wave motion, micro-movements, sounds, and breath. Awaken bio-intelligence with your fluid primal dance and reclaim your essential unity with the living forces of creation.

Connect deeply with the extraordinary power of your inner elemental nature. The primordial flow detoxes, revitalizes, and is seductively pleasurabe. This self-paced and intuitively centred experience encourages authentic exploration and has delicious healing benefits for everyone, regardless of experience or physical health. 

Moon Flow

A gentler version of Primal Flow where we slow down and soothe the body with smooth as silk, sensual movement.


The soft seductive atmosphere in our dim candlelit room invites you to uncloak your magnificent body and dive into your original cosmic freedom of pure self-love.


The mirrors are covered in this clothing optional class and welcomes all body shapes to enjoy our safe and cozy space. Feel nourished, respected, and embraced exactly as you are while we let go and flow together.