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Image by Rhett Wesley

Womben's Cauldron

Join our sacred tribe of the divine feminine!

Learn ancient sex practices, sacred ceremony, and rights of passage. We laugh, we cry, we eat yummy treats and dance to the moon. A safe space to purge our deepest sufferings and celebrate our greatest victories.

  • Womben's Empowerment Rituals

  • Spiritual & Therapeutic Practices

  • Memberships & Packages Available

Our First Gathering Begins September 8th 2021!

Image by Benjamin Voros

New Moon Tribe

I am curious about the Womben's Cauldron Ceremonies and want to see what everyone is raving about with a 30 day free trial!

1 Free Womben's Cauldron Ceremony

10% discount on all Events

Save $5 on each Ceremony once your Free Trial ends

Image by Drew Tilk

Moon Tribe

I love gathering in the Womben's Cauldron Ceremonies and want to know my passes never expire, no matter what my schedule is like!

5 Womben's Cauldron Ceremonies

Includes 15% discount on all Events

Save $30 with the Moon Tribe plan

Halloween. A mysterious and gorgeous wit

Full Moon Tribe

I'm all in and love how incerdibly empowered I feel when I connect with my sacred tribe at the Womben's Cauldron Ceremonies.

Unlimited Womben's Cauldron Ceremonies

20% discount on all Events

Save $60 with the Full Moon Tribe plan

Moon Tribe Plans
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