Ignite Your Tantric Fire

Dates to be announced

Join us for a journey into the power of living tantra. Ignite the flames in your relationships and overall joy of life. This full day workshop is a fun and deeply connective way to explore yourself and the world around you through various activities that entice the senses in every way. Open your passion and zest for life as you fully indulge in the many pleasures you were created to experience all around you every day.

We begin with you. Opening your heart centre and awakening your true self through the art of intuitive movement and breath. You and your partner will explore all 6 senses through the gates of Tantra, granting you passage to a more blissful and enlightened existence. We will play with a variety of fun activities as well as deeply spiritual ritual and ceremony. 

Don't be surprised when others notice that glow you share. Explore the multiple layers of Tantric expression and gain insight to this sacred practice. 


*Awaken the Sleeping Dragon 

*Breath Meditation, The Depth Within

*Shamanu Elemental Movement of Bio-intelligence

*Dance of Existence 

*Shiva Shakti Ritual

*Blindfolded Sensory Journey 

*Tantra Positions, Rhythm, Flow

*Tantric Touch Massage

*Tea Ceremony

*Heart Mantra

All activities and ceremony are safe with your dignity and respect always completely honoured. All ages over 19, shapes, colours, sizes, fitness levels, sexual orientations and spiritual beliefs are welcome and respected. This is a partner workshop. Please bring your lover or a close friend whom you trust and can connect with comfortably.

I look forward to seeing everyone. :D

Early Bird $150/couple

Last Minute $175/couple

Drop in fee is $15

Classes starting Soon!!


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 Primordial Movement

Shamanu means heaven and earth coming together through the body. Our Prime existence is movement. It is in all of us and is all that exists. Our bodies want to move.

A variety of movement explorations, including wave motion, micro-movements, sounds, and breaths, enliven our organism back to its natural state of flexibility, vitality and wholeness. Awakening bio-intelligence through our fluid movements refines the ability to consciously participate with life's self-healing processes and creative unfolding.

 Through our primal dance we awaken the nature of being alive, shattering the borders between body, heart, mind, Self, Earth and Universe. In dance we fall in love with the spirit in all things, and reclaim our essential unity with the living forces of creation.


Connecting deeply with the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether, deepens our connection with true nature and its emergent qualities.  The extraordinary power of our motion cleanses, revitalizes, recharges, bringing back harmony to our Nature-Self. This self-paced and intuitively centered experience encourages authentic, spontaneous and imaginative exploration. The practice is deeply pleasurable, bringing positive benefit to anyone regardless of experience or physical health.

Shamanude Classes

Shamanude classes take the Shamanu primordial movement to a new level of pure, wild and authentic human expression. This class is clothing optional allowing you to liberate your true and uninhibited self. The room is dimly lit with candles and well heated for your comfort. All ages, shapes and fitness levels welcome. Enjoy the sanctuary of freedom where you can create your unique flow without judgement. All participants are required to show honour and respect for each person while we all create a nurturing and safe space for each other. Release the limitations of society. Move, breath, flow, and let your heart guide you as you empower your soul. 

Drop in fee $20

 Awaken Your True Self 

This full day workshop is an introduction to the body, mind, and spirit and how you can awaken your true self. You are more than just a body, you are a phenomenal being capable of far more than the average person is aware of. Learn how the body, mind, soul, and emotions are all inter connected and the various energy systems that are the source of all life.




* The phenomenal intelligent body

* Our powerful mind creates our existence

* Emotions = energy in motion

* Your soul, the true self

* Connecting into a whole system of one

* Vegan Lunch

* TCM (traditional chinese medicine)

* Chakras, their functions and purpose

* Life Force and your health

* How to take control of your health

* Listening to the higher intelligence of you

* Techniques and Tools to self-heal

* Awakening Meditation







Understand how your meridians, chakras and thoughts have a huge role in your health and overall well being. You will be shown a number of techniques to balance yourself, enhance healing and have an awareness of your true self on a much deeper and life changing level. Enjoy a freshly prepared vegan lunch and end with a guided awakening meditation before you leave fully balanced and empowered with the source of life.


Next class date to be announced 

Fee $95

Early bird special $85

Bring a friend $75 each


Please reserve your spot promptly as seating is limited. Your welcome to bring a blanket or pillow for your comfort during the meditation.

A class you that will change the way you live!


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