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PlanKink 101 Mentorship
Duration10 months

GST/HST (5 %)CA$13.57

every month
You will be charged monthly for 10 months.

This is a 10 session Kink 101 mentorship program. 10 monthly payments of $285 totalling $2850. You may book your 10 sessions anytime within a one year period starting on the date you choose. 10 Sessions will proceed as listed : 1. Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK). 2. Titles, Roles & Identities. 3. Creating Your Scene. 4. Tools, Toys & Accessories. 5. Protocol & Position Training. 6. Basic & Advanced BDSM. 7. Fantasy & Fetish Play. 8. Fire & Medical Play. 9. Penetration, Strap On's & Anal Play. 10. Graduation Scene & Ceremony. *** Certification of Completion *** Master the craft of kink with this skill building program. Create epic kinky scenes, learn the art of BDSM, become a pro Kinkster and command respect with high quality advanced training. Extensions may be requested. Enjoy!

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